Welcome to Chiang Mai Storage

Chiang Mai Storage

Moving into your new home but there are delays with the contractor?

Need to store your car or motorbike and get a lift and pick up from the airport?

Heading out of town for a few months but you don’t want to rent your condo during that time?

Want to live abroad but you haven’t got an address yet?

Relocating your business and need somewhere to hold goods during the move?

Wintering in Chiang Mai and heading back for work abroad in the summer for 6 months and don’t want to keep buying cheap throw away items to last you the 6 months here?

Chiang Mai Storage can help.

We have CCTV , Security guards and daily police checks. Insurance is available if required.

Not only do we store your goods, we can also pick up, pack or crate everything and return your goods for you on the exact dates that you specify.

Our core business is that of a Shipping Company so we can even handle import and export of your household belongings or truck your goods anywhere in Thailand.

We also have our own house moving business and these three businesses tie together very well.

With our rates at just 250 Baht/CBM/month down to only 125 Baht/CBM/month for more than 30CBMs you will not find a better deal.

We do not completely enclose areas for different customers as this would prevent air flow and thus cause mold. We do have monthly visits by a fumigation company to prevent any bug infestation. We have traps set out to catch rodents and do not allow storage of food stuffs unless for only a short time and they are completely sealed in plastic boxes.

We are open 6 days a week from 8am-5pm and you are welcome to come and go as you please within these times. You will need to Contact Us before hand if you require a visit outside these times.